We are a unique driving school with our own beginnerring right outside the driving school.

The staff at Tuna Trafikskola are all trained and highly experienced specialists in their fields. The staff also have certified professions from other fields, which makes us very competent. They take care of you with the utmost dedication and help you with the entire driver’s license process from start to finish.

On our website, we hope that you will find comprehensive information about our services, advice and tips for you to become a safe participant in the traffic. It is also important to us that you feel that the training is characterized by efficiency, economical driving style and a personal training.

We hope we will be trusted to give you Tuna Trafikskola’s exclusive driver’s license training. Of course the staff  work actively to ensure that you receive a quality education in the true spirit of Tuna Traffic school.


Watch out & Look for:

 Keep an eye out for last minute lessons.
You can find them either in the student center or in the e-shop.
These cannot be pre-booked but must be paid before or after the lesson.

 Study circle!
We have plans to start a theory study circle for our students.
Register your interest by email: info@tunatrafikskola.com