On our website we hope that you will find an overall information about our services, advice and tips for you to become a safe participant in the traffic game. It is also important to us that you feel that the education is characterized by efficiency, economical driving style and a personal education. We hope we will have the confidence to give You Tuna Trafikskola’s exclusive driving licence training.

The staff is of course actively working to ensure that you receive a quality education in the true Tuna and Lundensian spirit.

We feel fortunate to be able to offer you students a beginner’s loop on our “Tuna-Ring” right outside the traffic school.

The driving education here at Tuna Trafikskola is strongly powered by a will to be as Eco-Friendly as possible. The EcoDriving concept is really a win-win for all parties: both the environment as well as your fuel consumption and your wallet benefits from this driving style. The instructors at the school are enthusiastic and competent and will give you the best driving education available so you’ll have a solid and stable ground to stand on when going out on the streets in your own car all by yourself.

  • To prevent covid-19 in the community has Tuna Traffic School done the following:
  • Student can wait for traffic instructor outside the traffic school.
  • Hand alcohol is available in the cars where you as a student wash your hands and rub / dry the steering wheel and other controls before the lesson.
  • The traffic instructors trying to have their window down 3 – 5 cm for increased ventilation.
  • The introductory courses can be held individually, contact us for more information if desired.

Per-Erik Brorsson
Traffic school director Tuna Traffic School
Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)

Driving lessons are driven as usual.
Thank you for your understanding!