Practice makes perfect

There are a few steps you need to take in order to get your drivers license:

1. You need to get a Swedish ID card if you haven’t got one. And you need a learners permit. You simply visit and fill out the application and a health declaration form. Come down to the school and we’ll help you with the eye sight test. 

2. As soon as your learners permit arrives you register at the school. Our receptionist will try to match you to an instructor that will suit your personality and needs. 

3. The fun begins! You and your instructor will start with basic maneuvring excercises. Feel free to bring your private teacher with you to the lessons to simplify your learning at home. 

4. Theory and practice should go hand in hand so don’t forget to read the book and do the online tests. Maybe even come down to the school and attend the theory class?

5. When you’ve done the city driving it’s time to schedule the risk educations. The Risk 1 is about alcohol, drugs, fatigue and other distracting elements. The Risk 2 is a practical experience where you get to feel what it’s like when you lose control of the car.

6. You’re getting closer to the finish line. You should now be all done with the online tests so you’re ready for the theory test. We recommend you to drive with different instructors at this point to get their point of view and to be more prepared for the driving test. 

7. The day has come for you to take the final tests at Trafikverket. First you do the theory test. You need to be there about 20 minutes prior to the test to get your picture taken. When you’ve done the theory test you do the driving test. Your instructor and you will go for a warm up lessons first and then you’ll go to Trafikverket for your test. You decide if you want your instructor to go with you in the car during the test.

8. Hopefully you pass both tests and can now be trusted to drive on your own. We thank you for choosing us to help you get your license that we hope will give you a lot of freedom and happiness for the rest of your life.