Having a drivers license makes life a lot easier on so many levels and hopefully it is something that you will have with you throughout life.
When it comes to learning how to drive we are all different. Some seem to be born to drive, and others may have to work much harder. Do you know how to ride a bike? Do you remember learning riding a bike? Was it hard? How much did you practice with the support wheels or with your parents or siblings running behind holding on so you wouldn’t fall? How much did you race up and down the streets when those support wheels finally came off? How often did you and your friends go out on adventures with your bikes? How much practice have you had riding your bike over the years? Keeping that learning process in mind, how much time do you think you’ll need to learn how to drive? How much practice does it take for someone to become confident and safe as a driver? Learning takes time. Riding a bike is something that most of us has done since we were kids and it’s nothing we need to think much of while doing it. The goal is of course to make you feel the same way about driving a car.


Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

If you have the chance to practice with someone other than your driving instructor here at the school, you should do it. The more practice you get, the more confident you’ll be. Getting it right from the start is important, so you don’t have to do more work than necessary. Book a lesson at the school, and bring your private teacher with you in the backseat so he/she can see and hear what the instructor’s telling you, maybe write some of it down and then you can go home and practice on the right stuff in the right way. When both of you feel confident doing that you book a new class and come back and learn something new. In doing this you make the most of your driving education and keeping the costs low. Use the driving handbook as well, all the elements you need to learn is in there and very well explained. Both you and your private teacher should look it over.
However, not everyone has the chance to practice outside of the driving school, and need to do all their training here. If that’s the case, you should drive at least twice a week so you don’t go too long between classes, because then you might forget what you’ve learned and have to start over again.

Most driving schools are really busy during spring and summer, since many use their vacation to get the drivers license. The waiting time for the Risk 1&2 and for the theory and driving test will also be quite long, so here you need to plan ahead. It’s better to overdo it with bookings at the school so you have to possibility to cancel rather than adding lessons. If you’re planning on taking an intensive training you should know that there are no demands on prior knowledge but it’s recommended so you don’t have to sacrifice too many classes on learning how to start, stop and shift.