Group lessons

Audience 1:

When you are on mom 10-12 in your education.


  • Lesson 1: Circulation site
  • Lesson 2: Country road (right and left turn)
  • Lesson 3: Motorway (entering and exit)

Select one or more of the above sessions. 800kr/session or 1995 kr for 3 sessions.


  • 30 min theory class
  • 30 min practical demonstration
  • 30 min student practical training
  • 30 min summary

At least 3 people are required to complete the session. (Everyone is in the car at the same time).
Benefits for you as a student is: longer coherent lesson, learning from each other, clear instructions, both theoretical and practical, more economically-cheaper lesson.

Date: 4/5, 18/5, 25/5 at 8-11

Audience 2: (driving license academy)

For those who already have driving licenses but who may rarely drive and need to refresh your driving skills. We help you to increase your knowledge and security in selected areas.
Sign up for the Ladies / Girl Academy or the Men / Boy Academy.

Layout as above.
Date: 11/5, 1/6, 8/6 at 8-11



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