Intensive courses

 If you’re in a hurry to get your license and you’re not afraid of hard work, the KickOff is the deal for you! 
The layout is up to you. You get 16 double driving lessons that you excecute either twice a day for two weeks or once a day for three weeks. The KickOff also includes theory lessons. Depending on how much prior knowledge you have and how hard you work with both the driving and the theory, you’ll get a long way if not all the way, with the KickOff. 
Remember: This requires commitment and hard work. The instructor will give you the tools and the rest is up to you. If you don’t live up to your end of the deal, we reserve the right to cancel your education without refund. 
This is the alternative choice if you wish and have the opportunity to give your driving licence education 100% focus, but maybe feel that the other intensive training packages are a bit to intensive for a beginner.

The Mix-intensive package starts off softer and is devided into three phases: Phase I: 10 40-minute lessons over 10 days. Phase II: a more intensive two-week period with 2 80-minute lessons per day over 10 days Phase III: 10 40-minute lessons over 10 days.

The two compulsory risk courses will be scheduled at appropriate times during the process

The MIX-intensive package contains in total 20 40-minute lessons, 16 80-minute lessons, the to risk courses, theory classes, material, online tests and 80 minutes at the driving test (warming up + driving test).

This deal is great for those of you who likes to get up early in the morning and don’t want your driving education to interfere too much with your work or schooling. In this deal you get 20 single classes at 7.30 am, the books, 10 online tests, Risk 1 and 8 theory lessons (possible to schedule for a Saturday if you’d like). If you need to be dropped off somewhere after class that can be arranged.

If you’re not from Lund but still would like to get your license from us and need a place to stay we suggest Magle Smiley Inn. They have high standards, and our students have been very satisfied with their accommodation.