The practice of driving in such a way as to minimize fuel consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide:
all instructors and examiners have been coached in eco-driving
[AS MODIFIER]: you can save a lot of money by adopting a few simple eco-driving techniques

EcoDriving is a concept that will teach you how to drive more fuel efficiently that in the end will give you more mileage and save money while at the same time being environmentally friendly. It’s about technique, environment and economy.
The EcoDriving education is available for everyone: ordinary citizens, big and small corporations who want’s their drivers to be more economical in their way of driving. The concept of EcoDriving is applied in the educational sector such as high schools, driving schools and other educational institutions.

The EcoDriving concept has been developed in a joint venture by different corporations and authorities in Finland and consists of the most recent findings regarding energy savings and different factors that influences an economically beneficial way of driving. The material has been adapted to fit the Swedish standards by STR (Swedish Driving School’s Association) with help from the Energy council and the Swedish DMV (Trafikverket).
Since the start of EcoDriving in 1998 more than 59 000 people has been educated in EcoDriving, 22 000 in Heavy EcoDriving and 4000 in Working EcoDriving.



If you want to read more about Ecodriving, please visit the EcoDriving website here. (In Swedish)