Welcome to Tuna Trafikskola!


The goal of Tuna Trafikskola is to have as many satisfied customers as possible, of course. We get a lot of different types of students since we’re located close to Sony Ericsson, Astra, Medicon Village, ESS, LTH and Max IV. Some already have a foreign driver’s license and want’s to get a Swedish one, some have no prior experience at all. We want everyone to have the same opportunities to learn how to drive and therefore we offer all our classes in English as well. We are proud to be the only driving school in the south of Sweden who provides our students with this service. 


The English theory lessons are held every Wednesday at 3 pm. Please book online or via the receptionist. 


Risk 1 is held once a month, book online or via the receptionist. NOTE! You must have a valid Swedish ID! 


Risk 2 is booked when the teacher thinks you’re ready for it. NOTE! You must have a valid Swedish ID!


The Introductory class is held once a month as well. NOTE! You must have a valid Swedish ID!