Introductory class

Introductory class – for a safer driving practice


In order for you to be able to practice driving with someone other than your driving instructor at the school, both you and the one you’re going to drive with has to take this class. We run this class once a month in English. Both of you have to have a valid Swedish ID. Limited number of seats so you need to book either at our webshop or call/email the office.

The class lasts for 3 hours, and you have to be present during the whole class for the instructor to be able to report you to the DMV. There will be at least 2 breaks.

Part 1

We will go over all the practical details that you have to take care of before you can start your driving at home. We will also talk about what level the student have to reach before taking the Risk Educations and the final tests at the DMV (Trafikverket). We will also talk about how to drive eco friendly and fuel efficiently since that is a mandatory part of the driving education.

Part 2

We will take a look at the curriculum and talk about the basics; starting, stopping, steering and so on. What do you think is the hardest part for you as a teacher/student to learn? What’s the most common mistakes that almost all experienced drivers do?

Part 3

We will now dig deeper into the more complicated traffic situations; city driving, one way streets, roundabouts and how to follow directions. How hard is it to drive in the city compared to the countryside? We will also talk about the risks involved when driving on major country roads and highways.